Beginner Bodybuilding

beginner bodybuildingThe Ultimate Beginner Bodybuilding Method

By: Carlos Figueira

Frustrated and Skinny

When I was 18, with no beginner bodybuilding experience, I asked myself this very same question that I received from a frustrated 18-year-old. It went something like this.

“I am 18, and I am pretty skinny! You could nearly see my bones, and I don’t have much fat on me. I only weigh 120lbs, and I know I am toothpick largely because I don’t overeat.”

You have no idea how close that cry for help sounded like me. When I turned 18, I was tired of being thin. I believed I did everything I could to gain weight, though I was ill-advised. Nevertheless, I’m going to give you a few easy steps you can do today to get you moving in the right direction to healthy weight gain and make that cry for help, a shout for joy!

Beginner Bodybuilding Levels

These next few levels will apply to you as well as to any other 18-year-old out there who is frustrated and in a position to waste a bunch of time if they begin down the wrong way.

Please don’t be worried. These management measures are for anybody, no matter what age, male or female, who might be looking to begin off on the right foot and not lose a lot of time.

In the first place, bodybuilding isn’t just about getting massive. It’s not only for men it is for women too. The word should be two words all the time, so there’s no mistake. You are building your body, and that can mean anything to anybody. So the first level is.

Choose A Goal

No matter what, if you don’t own a short term and long term goal in a beginner bodybuilding program, you’ll just wander around aimless, like a zombie with your arms out, going to anything in sight. And two years later, you’ll wonder what the heck happened!

Having a definite goal is the only way to begin. If you want to attain, maintain or lose weight, that is a goal. Know what you desire before you get started.

You’d be floored to find out exactly how many people are frustrated with their results but when asked what they are attempting to do. They have no idea.

Calculate the amount of Calories A Day You Need

There are various simple ways to calculate your daily calorie intake. That should be the following step in your beginner bodybuilding project. Once you understand what you need to do, you need to know your nutritional intakes to reach that goal. It’s not going to be difficult at all, yet if you don’t know what your daily calorie is, you cannot possibly go anywhere.
To put differently, if you don’t know how many calories a day you need for a particular goal, then don’t expect anything different.

How much Protein Do You Need Per Day? 

Protein is the building blocks of muscle, and it’s also the only means you are going to build extra muscle or keep the muscle you already have today.

Even for burning fat,  get enough protein. It will make you leaner. Again, there are straightforward formulas for this that do not require a degree from MIT to perform. And once you know how much protein you need every day, it’s effortless in the following Level, to find out if you are getting what you need

You Must Track What You Eat

That’s right! Not a lot of men do this. They just bulk, so they eat anything within sight. As for women, they want to burn fat. Consequently, they just quit eating. If you don’t track what you are consuming or not, you just guess, not right. Guessing is no way to attain a goal.

Once you know how much you require to eat, you can easily track that and reach your daily goal. Once you get into a habit of eating certain foods and portions, you’ll have an excellent idea of what you are eating.
Tracking what you eat is a must. At this point, you’ve just outlined the foundation in nutrition for a beginner bodybuilding routine!

Choosing An Exercise Cycle

Gym Routine For Weight Loss And Toning

A solid basic workout should involve.

• Legs – squats, lunges, leg extensions, leg curls, leg press.

• Shoulders  –  dumbbell raises, military press, side laterals.

• Chest – bench press, flyes, dips.

• Back – pull-ups, deadlifts, rows, laterals pull-downs.

• Arms – Ddumbbell curls, EZ-bar curls, barbell curls.

• Abs – hanging leg raises, incline crunches.

I could post 100 routines and reps and sets, but it only will confuse you. Consequently, let me ease the confusion by saying that.

No Golden Routine Will Work For Everyone!

When I started with my beginner bodybuilding routine, I tried several methods. Max-OT, Tom Venuto’s super setting, Optimum Anabolics and I’ll tell you something. I  got gains out of all of them, and they all have different philosophies.

There are numerous variations on exercises and routines you can perform in the beginner bodybuilding progress. Furthermore, you’ll find out a ton of them while scanning around on forms and reading fitness sites.

Similarly, you might be tempted to stick with just one exercise. Don’t. Try it, evaluate it, and try another one. After about six months, you’ll know your body very well and to what it responds. You will have examined many exercises, and you’ll understand which ones work and which ones don’t.

Deciding On Supplementation

While 80% of your progress will develop from nutrition and training, there are still several basics to consider. There’s also a time when you might want to go past the basics if you wish the optimal amount of muscle gain. And go from beginner bodybuilding to professional.

Precisely what are necessary supplements?

Daily multivitamins, Omega 3, fish oil, and flax seed. Whey protein specifically for after workouts. Just that little amount of supplementation is all you should require taking your nutrition levels to 100%. That’s it.  Those are the basics. It’s pretty simple. Now as you advance down the line, you might want to go beyond the basics. If you do?

Marine Muscle

You ought to try Marine Muscle for muscle growth and reliable performance. It’s a combination of four of the most influential and advanced legal steroids alternatives packed into one stack for the most bulking results. Marine Muscle’s products are anabolic steroid alternatives and incredibly compelling by themselves. But by merging the four steroid alternative, you get enhanced muscle growth, size, strength, stamina, and recovery all in one.

What are these four steroids alternatives?

Drill Master

Drill Master, works by allowing increased nitrogen to retain in the muscle tissues. This nitrogen is necessary for protein production, which leads to muscle growth.  Your body gets a boost, from Drill Master leading to enormous muscle gains and dramatically improved levels of power.


Enduro is a pre-workout steroid alternative. It includes Wild Yam root, and Panax Ginseng root, with a mixture of amino acids. Made in the USA. Formulated to improve your focus and execution when you work out. Expect exceptional results in muscle growth and strength.


This alternative boosts the creation of new red blood cells. While red blood cells deliver oxygen to your tissues, you can expect to feel extra strength and power in your exercise sessions. Gunner is an essential legal steroid alternative to build massive muscles,  but available only in the U.S.


Also available only in the U.S. and all natural. Trooper is a legal and safe way to increase your testosterone levels. It Contains pure Tribulus Terrestris plant extract.  Your luteinizing hormone production will rise. That is an increase in t-levels. With t-levels raised, you will be capable of lifting heavier weights, train longer, experience more power, and have prominent strength. Muscle growth will accelerate as a result.

With Marine Muscles’ Bulking Stack you can say goodbye to the skinny guy. Get not only massive muscle gains but also extreme strength in 30 days or less. Why struggle to gain muscle when this handy supplement is available for you to purchase right now?! Don’t miss out, get your Marine Muscle here!

Monitor Your Progress

I can’t describe to you how many people do not follow this practice. If you don’t take measurements, track your development or inspect yourself in a mirror, it’s pretty difficult to impossible to know wherever you’ve been to see where you are going.

Making small daily goes is a fantastic method of keeping the momentum moving forward and keeping yourself motivated to reach your goals.  It’s hard to stay motivated if you don’t keep track of what you just did to beat a personal best.

It’s also the first reason why men and women get so frustrated with nutrition, training, and development in general. They just see themselves at that very moment and decide immediately if the last four months of effort was worth it. Some people don’t take into account they did better than the previous workout. Similarly, they don’t quite realize they dropped a pant or dress size. They just make decisions on what they perceive to be a reality at that time.

Follow the progress of your workouts

Keep Track what you eat.  Keep track of your workouts in a copybook. Take periodic measurements of your standard body areas using a variety of methods. Include the taking of regular photographs.  When you mark your progress on a frequent basis, you will soon see that your efforts continue paying off. And if there is a course change necessary you can quickly correct it before it’s too late.

Some often overlook this critical stage because most people hardly can figure out what to eat let alone be bothered to follow their beginner bodybuilding progress.

You will begin to notice people around you year after year complaining of the identical things they cried about the year before. Would you construct a house without tracking its progress? Would you run your car without watching its performance and making regular tune-ups? You know where there might be a difficulty and can correct it before it becomes a significant issue.

With just a few easy fundamental steps. You can ensure that each of your workouts and waking moments is used the right way to bodybuild. No matter what your aims may be, male or female. If you follow these examples, you will ensure your success.


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